General description

The Muovi+Pro is a device composed by one to two wireless probes (Muovi+) and a charging and synchronization base (SyncStation+). The Muovi+ probes are 64 channel wireless bioelectrical amplifiers, they are wearable devices designed for dynamic applications. The Muovi+ probe is able to detect surface electromyographic signals (HDsEMG) and electroencephalographic signals (EEG) for brain computer interface (BCI). Furthermore, the Muovi+ probes include an inertial sensor and provide the quaternion to obtain their rotation and orientation. The recording electrodes are directly connected to the Muovi+ probes, no cables are required. The recharging and synchronization base SyncStation+ allows the connection of up to two Muovi+ probes and other twelve different probes simoultaneously. The SyncStation+ makes available three auxiliary inputs and 1 load cell input. The acquired data can be viewed in real time with OT BioLab+ software or with Matlab, Python and any other software capable of reading data from TCP socket.


The Muovi+Pro allows to:

  • identify anatomical muscle features;
  • decode the neural drive to the muscles (HDsEMG);
  • quantify the HDsEMG spatial distribution of different anatomical districts thanks to the possibility of connecting and synchronizing multiple Muovi+ probes at the same time.


Each Muovi+ probe allows to acquire different types of signals:
  • 64 HDsEMG signals or 64 EEG signals
  • quaternions obtained by the fusion of inertial sensor data
The Muovi+ probe can be directly interfaced to a PC with WiFi (one probe at a time) or to the SyncStation+
Each SyncStation+ base allows to interface with WiFi:
  • up to 2 Muovi+ probes with 64 channels or up to 2 64 channel devices among Sessantaquattro/Sessantaquattro+
  • up to 4 Muovi probes with 32 channels
  • up to 10 Due+ probes with 2 channels
Moreover the base makes available:
  • 3 auxiliary inputs
  • 1 load cell input
  • 1 trigger output
  • ethernet connection toward a PC


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