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The OT Bioelettronica was involved and is involved as a technical partner in several research projects, both national and international, within which it developed specific purpose products for biomedical applications.

Here follows a list of the national research projects the company was involved in.


 LoBApp  Low Back pain motor control App  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2016
 MoRA  Movement Recognition Armband  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2015
 BioWid  Biomedical Wireless Device  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2015
 HExEC  Hand Exoskeleton Emg Controlled  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2012-2014
 LAGRANGE Start-Up  Development of a EEG wireless equipment  Supported by Fondazione CRT 2009-2010
 Voucher  Development of an wearable equipment to monitor bruxism  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2008-2009
 Photo-IN  Development of ID and Credit Card Checker  Sponsored by Regione Piemonte 2006-2007
 ASIBAS  Development of electrode rectal probes to investigate sphincter muscles  Sponsored by Regione Piemonte 2006-2007
 LAGRANGE  Development of rectal probes to investigate puborectalis muscle  Supported by Fondazione CRT 2004-2005
 SINAPSI  Development of 16 channel MMG device  Supported by Fondazione CRT 2004-2005
 SINAPSI  Development of EMG probe to investigate gracilis muscle  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2004-2005
 SINAPSI  Development of biomechanical measurement device MISO II  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2003-2004
 DIADI  Development of new flexible EMG arrays  Supported by Regione Piemonte 2002-2003