uEMG-News B

General description: MicroEMG is a single channel EMG logger, microEMG has a gain of 980V/V, bandwidth goes from 10Hz to 500Hz and sampling frequency is 1kHz. MicroEMG stores data on a microSD card up to 10 hours (battery lifetime).

 Technical specifications: microEMG saves one files each time that the operator press sequentially start and stop button. If the operator leaves it to acquire continuously, microEMG saves one file each 17 minutes.

Developers: The microEMG system has been developed together with Prof. Dario Farina, UMG at Goettingen University

Number of channels                         II BF
Gain 980 V/V
Bandwidth 10Hz - 500Hz
Sampling frequency 1024 Hz
Input range
0 - 50 mVPP
Power supply
12 V Battery MN21
Noise (RTI) < 3 µVRMSS
Input resistance > 1011
CMRR > 95 dB
Output range
0 - 3,3 VPP
Dimensions 57 mm x 37 mm x 16 mm