400 quattrocento

General description: Quattrocento is a versatile amplifier for the acquisition of surface/intramuscular EMG signals, EEG and ECG signals. The system can record monopolar or bipolar channels from up to 400 detection sites. Quattrocento is an optically isolated device which assures the complete safety for the patient. It has been designed in compliance with the European standards for biomedical instrumentation. A specially designed feedback circuitry is used to reduce 50~60 Hz line interference, thus allowing high signal quality in both monopolar and bipolar acquisition. Quattrocento has a double power supply, battery and main power.

 Technical specifications: Quattrocento is a bioelectrical amplifie that can amplify from 96 up to 400 EMG (surface/intramuscular) EEG and ECG signals, in any configuration are available 16 auxiliary inputs; Quattrocento transfers data to the PC with USB/Ethernet connections, quattrocento has a double power supply, main power and battery.

Developers:The Quattrocento system has been developed together with Prof. Dario Farina, UMG at Goettingen University

Risk Class I
Insulation Class BF
Classification IP20
Number of channels from 96 up to 384 canali iEMG, sEMG, EEG ed ECG + 16 auxiliary channels
Gain 150 V/V
Selectable Bandwidth high pass cut frequency: 0.7, 10, 100, 200 Hz
low pass cut frequency:: 130, 500, 900, 4400 Hz
Selectable sampling frequency 512, 2048, 4096, 10240 Hz
Resolution 16 bits
Input range
0 - 33 mVPP
Noise (RTI) < 1  µVRMSS
Input resistance > 1011 
CMRR > 95 dB
Output range
0 - 5 VPP
Dimensions 395 mm x 130 mm x 271 mm