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The firm OT Bioeletronica was established in February 2007. It is located in Turin, its specific activity is related to Research & Development in electronic field.

OT Bioelettronica company has a detailed specialization in small series development and production related to biomedical equipments. The property described before born thanks to the experience and competence of its designers, that for several years operated in the international research field and made several publications.

OT Bioelettronica customers are mainly Universities and Research Centers of the world (see cooperation page).

OT Bioelettronica company works also in the industrial electronic design that include different sector like automotive and home care, the main topics of our company is to transform the customer ideas in commercial products.
(also single product development).
Thanks to the OT Bioelettronica co-workers, that operate in sectors like mechanic and informatic, the company can create a full product, that avoid the customer to organize the outsourcing and think only to the product selling.

LOGO OT 2014

OT Bioelettronica 2014

OT Bioelettronica in 2014 renews the full brand, from the equipment layout to the logo restyiling.

OT 2010c

OT Bioelettronica 2007-2013

OT Bioelettronica in February 2007 become an indipendent company called: OT Bioelettronica di Bottin Andrea e Merlo Enrico & C. snc

OT blu a

OT Bioelettronica 2000-2006

OT Bioelettronica s.n.c., from 1999 to 2006, before to become an indipendent firm, was the biomedical subsection of Ottino Franco & C. snc company, located in Rivarolo Canavese and established in 1963.