The first, truly smart EMG


General description: Due-Pro is a wearable EMG device designed to meet the most demanding needs in different applications, among which sports, ergonomics and rehabilitation. Due-Pro records up to 14 EMG signals and 2 auxiliary signals (e.g. force, angle) with 8 wireless probes. Due-Pro works with PCs (with receiving unit), tablets and smart phones (direct communication). With Due-Pro, users may acquire, visualize and process data using the SW OT BioLab (freely available), Matlab scripts and Android-Apps.

Sports: Due-Pro is specifically designed to provide users with indication on the timing and degree of muscle activity in highly dynamic activities (e.g., running, skiing, rowing).

Ergonomics: Due-Pro suits well for prolonged recordings of muscle activity during particularly demanding work tasks and in complex work stations.

Rehabilitation: Due-Pro posits a friendly and highly customizable interface for mediating therapeutic interventions (via e.g. biofeedback) and for monitoring rehabilitation progress (e.g. degree of muscle tension, back pain).

Developed with LISiN - Politecnico di Torino.


Risk Class I
Insulation Class BF
Classification II
Number of probes
7 + 1
Number of EMG channels for each probe 2
Number of auxiliary signals 2
Gain 200 V/V
Bandwidth 10Hz  - 500 Hz 
CMRR > 100 dB
Sampling frequency
2048 Hz
Communication Bluetooth 4.0
Receiver PC, Smartphone, Tablet (Android)
Resolution 16 bits
Dimension 21 x 11 mm
Life time 13 h 
Power supply Li-Po battery
Charging mode